Monthly Archive: August 2016

How Modern Conveniences Can Better The Economy?

You wake up to the sound of your smartphone alarm, roll over in bed, and check Facebook. A Few minutes of scrolling and wishing people for their birthdays, and it is time to get out of bed. You head to the bathroom and pick up your state of the art electric toothbrush with teeth-whitening technology. Once in the shower, you reach for your keratin-infused shampoo and argon oil-enriched conditioner, and ways your face with specially packed water flown in from France. Once you’ve reseed yourself in your one hundred percent vegan power suit and taken a bite of your organic breakfast, it is time to head out to work.

If this sounds familiar, then not only are you quite well off in life, but are also a slave to routine and modern conveniences.

It is not a new theory that smartphones and communication technology dominate our lives; the only difference is that people accept the fact and continue to let it do so anyway; the convenience of these amenities are far too great to let go.

Modern technological conveniences have truly shaped our lives both at the micro and macro levels. From simple daily routines to boardroom decisions that can impact entire governments, technology plays a great role in how the world works.

Many would argue that modern conveniences set people back; make them less susceptible to using their own brains and more inclined to taking smartphone shortcuts. However, it is possible to prove that this is not the case.

Firstly, the development of the technology that provides modern conveniences itself, is a scientific phenomenon unparalleled by anything in the past. Developing technology to the point where a person in Egypt can have crystal clear video chat with someone in Australia in real time, means that man has advanced in his own learning and discovery in leaps and bounds.

Although history set the scene with inventions such as television and the mechanical computer, modern man has taken it to the next level and then some, by achieving everything from instant connectivity worldwide, to landing space crafts on comets; achievements that would have only been a dream in the less convenient past.

Furthermore, economies have grown immensely due to these modern amenities. For instance, trading of foreign exchange can be done simply by logging into an online forex trading platform right from the comfort of your own home. This level of accessibility means that decisions can be made as and when needed, and emergency situations and fluctuations can be avoided simply because action can be taken the second an anomaly arises.

Efficient mobile trading app have also allowed investors and traders to be more aware of market levels and developments in real time, wherever they may be; they do not have to always be tied to their workplace in order to receive the information they need.

Such conveniences undoubtedly improve market stability by letting financiers avoid many gaps in time where action cannot be taken to correct a situation.