Security for Home Loans


For any financial institution to give a loan to any borrower there must be security. Such security should be genuine and clean. The financial institution takes upon itself the responsibility of confirming the genuineness of the security or its cleanliness. This is through conducting a search if the security is land or requesting for records from relevant authorities if the security is otherwise. Many people prefer using their car log books while those who possess land use their certificate of land or title deed. Home loans in Adelaide require one to have collateral.

The collateral should be tenable and in case the borrower defaults on their payment, the lender should be in a position to recover their money through exercising their statutory power of sale or by recovering the money from the borrower’s guarantors. In many instances, the former prevails since the guarantor’s option may prove to be hard owing to the fact that not all guarantors will have sufficient fund in their accounts by the time of the default and subsequent recovery. Indeed, at times the borrowers collude and connive with guarantors to withdraw all their funds from the bank accounts immediately they discover that they will not be in a position to continue honoring their monthly payments.

The lenders have come up with very stringent internal control systems to ensure that such an eventuality is detected and thwarted early in advance. This enable the financial institution safeguard their assets as well as the interest they have in such an account. Other forms of security that can be used by first home buyers include their monthly salaries. However, for lenders to agree this sort of security, they will demand for arrangements to be made for the borrower to receive their salary through the lenders bank account. As a result, the borrower will be required to open an account with the lender and ensure that they maintain a certain minimum balance every time.

They will also require the borrower’s employee guarantee that they will make such deductions and remit them to the bank as appropriate and without delays. Their consent will also be required. Such consent should be explicit and it should entail an undertaking to the effect that if such employees left the organization, the organization will provided such information as required by the lender and that they will not conceal any material evidence that could provide crucial leads that will aid arrest and prosecution of such a borrower in case they neglect their obligations and leave employment in a huff.

Trusted mortgage brokers are important to all those who are in the process of securing a loan. The brokers provide an insight into different financial products that are available in any market and the benefits attached to each one of them. This helps the borrower to make a credible and informed decision on the best product to secure. This will also enable the borrowers to plan their activities in a manner that will enable them to repay such loans without any form of default.

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